Projet de recherche : Korean Soft Power in Southeast Asia

On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the Korea-France friendship, and in the framework of a research project on “Korean Soft Power in Southeast Asia,” Virginie Vial and Peter von Staden presented the results of their research in two communications respectively titled :

“South Korean soft power in Indonesia: Geopolitical and economic regionalization in the digital age” (V. Vial & E. Lollo), and “Korea as number one: Why did Indonesians fall in love with Hallyu soft power?” (I. Oh & P. von Staden)

Following a workshop hosted by the Korea Foundation and organized by the Research Institute of Korean Studies at Korea University in Seoul, the international research team appeared on the Upfront TV program to debate the topic of “Korea as a Top Soft Power Country.”


The outcomes of this research project have also been broadcasted in French through Xerfi Canal TV – Precepta Stratégiques:


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