Projection-débat autour du documentaire Les indignés de Tokyo


Date : Lundi 21 mars 2016 à 20h
Lieu : Salle Kantor, ENS de Lyon, site Descartes

Projection-débat autour du documentaire Les indignés de Tokyo (首相官邸の前で, Tell the Prime Minister), en présence du réalisateur Oguma Eiji, professeur de sociologie historique à l’Université Keiô.

Les indignés de Tokyo (首相官邸の前で, Tell the Prime Minister) (2015, 109 mn, présentation officielle au Festival International du documentaire de Yamagata 2015)

Présentation :

After “Occupy Wall Street”in New York, and before the “Umbrella Revolution” in Hong Kong, 200 thousand people surrounded the Prime Minister’s office in Tokyo for an anti-nuclear demonstration. However, this incident was not reported extensively by the media and subsequently went unnoticed by the world.

This documentary film captures the anti-nuclear protests in Tokyo after the Fukushima nuclear incident in March 2011. The theme of the film is the crisis that democracy faces, and the reconstruction of democracy. Video recordings cited in the film show the terrifying experiences of the nuclear disaster, anti-nuclear demonstrations, speeches, and the official meeting between activists and the Prime Minister.

A groundbreaking film created in a unique and unprecedented manner.

Oguma Eiji is a professor of Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University in Tokyo. His researches cover the national identity and nationalism, colonial policy, democracy thoughts and social movements in modern Japan from the view of historical sociology. He has earned 6 prizes for his published works in Japan. He has participated and gained credibility in anti-nuke movement in Tokyo after Fukushima incident. This is his first film work which was completed by cooperation of many activists and voluntary filmers.

Co-organisé par le Centre d’Études Japonaises (CEJ) de l’INALCO et le Centre de Recherche sur les Civilisations de l’Asie Orientale (CRCAO) de l’Université Paris Diderot, le département des arts de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS de Lyon), l’Institut d’Asie Orientale de Lyon (IAO) et la Section des Études Japonaises de l’UFR LLCE de l’Université de Lille.

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