Workshop – Beyond the State’s Reach : Casino Spaces as Enclaves of Development or Lawlessness ?


21-22 août 2015, Center for Khmer Studies.

This workshop is organized by the Casino and Development in Asia Research Network, gathering together the University of Macau, the National University of Singapore (ARI), Institut d’Asie Orientale (IAO-ENS Lyon, France) and IIAS, and whose objective is to investigate the nexus between “Casino and Development” in Southeast Asia, China and beyond.

Beyond the State’s Reach : Casino Spaces as Enclaves of Development or Lawlessness ? is the second phase of the IIAS/Mellon Foundation Forum Asian Spatialities 3 : Across Southeast Asian Borderlands which aims at studying Southeast Asia based on networks, processes, transitions, polyvalence, and fluidity, in opposition to the concepts of the “nation-state” or the “region”. This workshop seeks to better understand the “transitional zones” that have emerged in the wake of the encounter between local communities, new migratory circulations and the global economy. The multiplication of mega casino resorts in Asia is emblematic of these new spaces created across local and global scales. Over the past few years, the belief has taken root that the gaming industry is a powerful tool for economic development. The gaming revenue generated in the two most lucrative gaming markets in the world, Macau and Singapore, has prompted neighboring countries to follow suit. A number of casinos have mushroomed along the borders of Southeast Asian countries. These casino projects have been incorporated into the national leisure economy as part of global city branding, or to attract foreign investments for local development and modernization.

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